We makeMillionaires!

Khalifa Finance is building a social crypto community of individuals by bringing wealth creating opportunities for them. 

Our main focus to make at least 100 millionaires in our first year. We are bringing this opportunity by introducing various ways, for example; airdropping tokens to random winners via lottery system every week. We aim to make Khalifa token as a main store of value.

Furthermore, Khalifa is all about luxury, so much so that we will only mint 999 Khalifa NFTs, that will be airdropped to our early adopters and token holders.

With only 999 Khalifa NFTs ever to be minted, the scarcity and unique traits will drive the price and we believe these will change the lives of many.

Furthermore, we plan to go cross-chain, so that we bring more exposure and liquidity to Khalifa finance and get more CEX listings.

Our Commitments


Khalifa Finance is a luxury token that will be a perfect store of value. Our mission is to take Khalifa crypto to sky heights, as it should. Khalifa token is going to be the household name. It will be a token, that people would want to hold and flex. As Khalifa supply will be constantly burning, the demand will rise keep rising day by day. As the project progresses, we will convert Khalifa multi-chain and get it listed on major centralized exchanges. We have a big marketing campaign ready and partnerships lined up, that will drive the price and increase the demand for Khalifa.


At Khalifa Finance, we are making sure that we provide different revenue streams to our Khalifa token holders. We airdrop khalifa tokens to random holders every week. With our luxurious and super rare Khalifa NFTs launching in the Q1 of 2022, the demand of Khalifa token will be ever rising.
Apart from that, we make sure our presale investors get taken care of. Hence, presale investors get the tokens at 15% discounted rate than PancakeSwap. Moreover, every presale investor will get a guaranteed luxury NFT airdropped.


We are developing the Khalifa blockchain that will be used by our partners and exclusive holders to transfer funds by secure and fast means, like never seen before. Khalifa Wallet, Khalifa DEX and a whole toolkit for developers will be released in Q1/Q2 of 2022. We are developing an exclusive luxury network. Be an early adopter to get an early access and be one of the chosen ones.


Khalifa Finance is fully decentralized, luxury network. Our aim is to make at least 100 millionaires in our first year. We are building a network of exclusives, influential and powerful people. Stay tuned for big announcements and partnerships, be a part of it.


Khalifa will be 100% community driven. The community will be able to decide which way the project goes. Staking will be live by December 2021. The users who will stake Khalifa tokens, will have voting powers.


Khalifa is all about the luxury and we are here to provide you opportunities to change your life. Our mission is to give you financial freedom to as many people as possible. All holders get 5% tax redistributed among them.


Khalifa, as a project will always be transparent. We give our holders rewards in form of weekly token airdrops, exclusive NFTs access, connecting them with influential people to get mentorship.


  • Total supply: 1 Trillion.


  • Team Wallet: 9% of total supply (locked for 6 months – vested linearly for next 12 months thereafter).


  • Marketing wallet: 5% of total supply (20% initially – linear over next 6 months thereafter).


  • Airdrops: 6% reserved to distribute among holders every week.


  • Liquidity: 70% of the total supply (locked until 31st March 2022 initially, then relocked after bridging liquidity between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain).


  • Burn: 10% of total supply. (10% supply burn upon launch, 3% burn on every transaction).



​Q4 of 2021

Raise awareness and plan the project

Plan presale and optimize tokenomics

Initial presale marketing

Sign new partnerships and take influencers on board 

CoinGecko & CoinMarketcap listings

​Q2 of 2022

Two centralized exchange listings

Design and mint luxury NFTs

Airdrop NFTs to token Khalifa holders

Exclusive merchandize release

Collaborate with our partners and influencers

​Q3 of 2022

Release Khalifa blockchain beta and wallet 

Organise mentorship from our dengen mentors for our loyal holders

Help our loyal holders open up more business doors

Further development and road map milestones are under review, check back for more.